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The perfect body colored bra

Are you also having trouble selecting ?

Follow me step by step so you can choose the piece that suits you!

ATTENTION! The following recommendations are primarily for bras built into Kathia Dobo dresses. Of course, many aspects can also be important in everyday clothing, but the shape and design are mainly adapted to our installation techniques.


It is very important to choose the shade that best matches your own skin color! When you try on the bra, stand in front of the mirror and squint to blur the contours. If you feel that the bra blends into the color of your skin, then this piece is the perfect choice. If it stands out too much, is too light, too dark or the color clashes, then it is not the right choice.

The skin color of every single person on earth is different, some have pinker, peachier, olive or even darker skin. It is also worth taking summer tanning into account and knowing the characteristics of your skin. 

MISCONCEPTION!: You need a white bra and underwear under a white dress. This is the worst possible choice because it really shows up under the dress. In this case too, I recommend the perfect body color.



The design of the chosen dress determines the perfect shape. I only recommend strapless bras for strapless dresses, as that's what they were designed for. In all other cases, the classic shape is the winner, it provides a much nicer hold and shape.

In any case, choose a stiffened version, it will give support. The classic basket forms nicely and fits the body. Depending on the depth of the cleavage, it is worth choosing a model narrowly connected in the middle. For dresses with a very low neckline (where the bra has to be cut in the middle), it is worth choosing the narrowest possible.


I'm not a fan of the adhesive versions, I don't think it gives a nice hold, shape and isn't comfortable. The skin can't really breathe and it can fall off if it's not properly glued. In addition, with dresses with lace tattoos, it is important to have the chest in a fixed place so that it is covered by the arrangement of the lace. It is not a good idea to incorporate it, because it sticks to everything and cannot be cleaned with a cloth. Regardless, it is possible that someone works well and likes it in the short term, but you should definitely try it first!


You can choose a push-up bra, but in moderation, as you need space to accommodate your breasts. Very spongy bras only work by turning on the straps. They push the breasts out, so after the strap is removed they do more harm than good, they don't fit the body lines at all.

Proper push-up


When sizing bras, the number indicates the circumference under the bust (e.g.: 75, 80), and the letter indicates the cup size ( A, B, C). If you are not sure of your size, ask the seller for help.

The basket should not stop, nor should it be too tight, do not cut into it. Try to choose the size that looks good on you.

When installing our clothes, usually only the basket matters, because the straps are removed. That way, if you are in trouble because the basket is good, but the strap is tight, it can be solved by installing it.


If your dress allows, choose a classic shape with a slight push-up effect in the perfect color. Make the surface as simple as possible, free of lace and decorations. Things thought to be invisible, never are, such as silicone straps and silicone bras, avoid them.

I recommend that you try it on in person, because choosing a color and size online is not an easy task. It is worth looking in stores that specialize in underwear. I don't recommend wearing very low-quality bras, and I don't recommend second-hand bras either, because your designer clothes and yourself deserve more ;) Besides, who knows when you might pass on, a nice bra definitely looks more aesthetically pleasing. A good body-colored bra can be worn with almost everything, such as good body colored shoes. Both should be part of your basic wardrobe even on weekdays, with straps of course ;) !I hope I could help you in choosing the perfect body-colored bra!

With love,




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